05 February 2009

various | cold toes

okay, time for another "here are some songs that are getting me going today" post. no real theme that i can discern... i like little compilations like this, makes wading through 250gb of music a little less onerous.*

::: john martyn - over the hill (r.i.p.)
::: emmy the great - we almost had a baby (smug but talented)
::: telefon tel aviv - the birds
::: kings of leon - knocked up (lykke li vs rodeo remix) (ubiquitous lykke li appearance, and one of my favourite kol songs to boot. check the live video below)
::: slow club - christmas tv (courtsey of nothing but green lights)
::: the airborne toxic event - sometime around midnight (bit pompous perhaps but still a tune)
::: bardo pond - trip fuck


keep warm. hurry up spring.

*yes i'm aware this probably makes me sound like a twat.

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