17 February 2009

hood / themselves | you shins break my heart / p.u.s.h.

i went through a phase of being really into themselves and the whole anticon thing, and some of the records i still think are pretty amazing. but somehow themselves no longer cut it for me. and i think a lot of that is the sheer density of their songs, whether it's the convoluted theatrics of the lyrics or the dislocated beats. i'm only a fairweather at best hip hop listener, something i turn to satisfy cravings for heavy bass rhythms and good tunes, good times. and themselves take work.

their contribution to this split picture disc (another winner on the rocket racer label) never sinks in; i can never remember what it sounds like, just seconds after playing it. why is that?

hood, on the other hand, never fail me.

7" released by rocket racer in 2004.

fill er up.

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