24 February 2009

coits | these are the noises you will hear in your head

coits was one of the many guises of antony joinson, aka joincey, aka wagstaff, aka one half of inca eyeball, aka the man behind the face like a smacked arse tape label. no idea what i'm talking about? then you best move along.

this record isn't for everyone. it's two tracks, essentially two halves of one improvisation, an improv that basically comprises joincey strumming a cheap overdriven electric guitar in front of a tape recorder. not for everyone. but i still find the audacity of thrilling, not only that someone recorded this, but that someone else actually forked out money to release 100 copies on heavy white vinyl in a package that's beautifully austere. it's hard not to marvel at that.

but then very good records was like that - putting out records that no one else would with utter disregard for commercialism, run by the kind of person that releases records because they want a copy on their shelf. who would do that today? yes i'm totally out of touch with the "underground" these days so maybe i'm missing out, but it seems we're all too busy reading bloody blogs, browsing arsing myspace and downloading more music than we can hope to ever absorb, to really cherish the blood, sweat and tears that should go into releasing each and every record.

anyway, if you want to know more about very good records, then here's an article by simon "harris" (actually simon morris of ceramic hobs) from my old zine speeder, published here in i think the first website i did. ugly.

simon's description of this record is spot on.

lp released by very good records in 1995.

listen up.

i think there's a couple of skips in here but you can live with that.

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zdarma said...

super big thanks for this one! been waiting to hear this for years. keep up the great work.