06 February 2009

butterfly child | may

super super crackly transfer this, just for that genuine vinyl experience. though if i was really going for it i should have let it slur round the run out groove for 5 mins at the end of each track before it gets turned over. at least that's how most of my records end anyway.

not joe's best record i don't think. but not bad either mind.

released by rough trade in 1992.


p.s. i've called this may because i guess that was the month it was released (as part of rough trade's singles club), but it's aka "juice".


FortDax said...

hi joe - i was in your back garden admiring your butterflies' children (or rather snaring them in my digital net...xxx) and noticed that you'd mentioned back in 2006 a forthcoming papa sprain post. now then, i've no idea how you like to conduct your business, but i've just posted the 'may' e.p. over at skafunkrastapunk and, having got all hot under the collar over 'bathtime' once again ("it's as if you're suddenly being led out into the sunshine to watch early Aerial M perform at a South American Tropicalia revival..."), would be happy for you to use my link should you ever compile a p.s. post - simply to save you time & trouble, i don't mean to tread on your toes. i'll also be posting the 'volume 1' book/cd there shortly, and of course that had an exclusive remix of 'flying to vegas' on it, so would be happy to link you up for that too. you're possibly ahead of me on this already, but there's a recording of 'we, the inspired' on 'volume 4' that could differ from the version that was eventually released. again, as i put these things online, would you like me to send you the links? all of this renewed interest provoked a search for an old cassette which i KNOW has the p.s. peel session on and may (95%) contain the b.c. one too. at present i'm yet to find it, which would suggest it's in storage, and that's exactly where my 12" of 'flying to vegas' is and thus we're almost back at the start again and me all excited about the propect of a p.s. post...

regardless of whether that ever happens, thank-you for some other gems (esp. the missing insides records from my collection) on this fine blog.

papa sprain - 'may' e.p. @256kps


take care,

FortDax said...

my apologies - if you want to write off-board, it's:



Anonymous said...

Thanks guys - I'm JONESING for some Butterfly Child. I've been looking all over for tapes of the peel sessions. I have the singles club Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain 45s on disc - rare mastering on Japanese TDK. I think Juice is about the most amazing thing from Joe. If you find the BBC stuff load it up and thanks!!!