23 January 2009

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rocket racer was one of those small labels that put out consistently interesting records in attractive packages. and this record is definitely proof of that. the music is enigmatic, beguiling and uncommerical, and so is the packaging - no words on the sleeve, a solitary match glued to a sleeve that depicts hundreds of matches, the running order provided on a matchbook... that kind of thing.

and any label that's willing to release records including eletroscope is genuis in my book. ahem.

1. hood - i have it in my heart to jump into the ocean
2. the freed unit - picnic at stretton baskerville
3. ma cherie for painting - ola ola es una boa manha
4. lackluster - hyaline reverie
5. tank - kino art
6. electroscope - the prior eye
7. astorria - third movement
8. accelera deck - guided (a^d/ec.k-rmx)
9. five way mirror - libby marsh

released by rocket racer in 1999.

you dig.


Peter Tron said...

Here you go Joe, some Bear Quartet:

[1992] Penny Century (LP)

[1993] Family Affair (CD)

[1993] Cosy Den (CD)

[2006] Eternity Now (LP)

...enjoy...the earlier stuff's classic!!

joe said...

excellent thanks peter!

Peter Tron said...

The Bear Quartet

[1998] Personality Crisis:

Paddington Distortion Combo

[2008] Fran Hat Till Handling:

(Paddington D.C. or Paddington Distortion Combo
is one of the solo projects of swedish Carl Olsson from "The Bear Quartet").

Anonymous said...

WOW, thanks for the links!!!