28 January 2009

girlboy girl | veritablement pop

another great bristol band, this one very much in the beatnik filmstars camp (the record is produced by andrew & john from that band, plus various members of girlboy girl have played in the beatniks at different times), all scratchy guitars and thin bass sounds flooded with the kind of creative energy that gives indie a good name.

'unfamiliar' and 'all she wanted' are particular winners in my book.

the record was released by the hugely prolific blackbean & placenta tape club, a label that definitely should be in the indie hall of fame for its services to bands that perhaps may not have seen the light of day otherwise (though in gbg's case they released a few other records after this so perhaps not).

released by blackbean & placenta tape club in 1998.

get some.

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Matt said...

hi! could you possibly reupload this? i've been trying to find this for a while now!