19 December 2008

concept the electricity | concept the electricity

really can't tell you anything about the band or this album, except what the release itself tells me: released by clairecords on cdr in 2000, it was recorded live in austin, but the band is based in brooklyn and features victor hernandez, xavier ortiz, karen palazzini and brad reitz.

anyway, the album is five unnamed examples of beautifully understated slo-core/post rock. the band they remind me of most is early day miners, all crystaline reverb, brushed snares and delicately plucked guitars in longform. really lovely stuff.

released by clairecords in 2000.



Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, a friend of mine from Germany actually turned me on to this post. It is great to know someone is still appreciating our music!

Hint about the album. It was indeed recorded live in a room about 35X20ft with one stereo mic. So if you have a big enough space you can spread your speakers out, turn it up, close your eyes, and the band will chimerically appear.



joe said...

hhi xavier. did you guys record anything else?

Anonymous said...

Hey Xavier - Joe - I've been digging through my box of tapes and found some old practice tapes
last night
titled ACEA or something. . . .

very nice

Maybe we can trade tapes - I remember we did a bunch of cello and guitar

oh well nice to see this here

RJ said...

Hey Joe/Xavier,

Any idea where one could look to track down a physical copy of this? Been looking for awhile, but had no luck! Great tunes! Thanks in advance!