04 November 2008

nat the hammer | untitled

okay let's start with some full disclosure: i used to play bass in nat the hammer's fulltime band, the reverse. it was a fairly major part of my life for a good 7 years. so i'm not going to be entirely unbalanced here.

however, the whole reason i joined the band was nathan's voice and songwriting, and that's exactly what his nat the hammer guise is all about.
so what we have here are 5 examples of this stripped down to the basic components and recorded at home.

with the full band reviewers tend to talk about bands like the cure, the stone roses and the smiths - all bands that we all had in common. get nathan on his own however and naturally he leans more towards singer-songwriters - people like darren hayman, jeffrey lewis, leonard cohen, elliott smith... all people who concentrate(d) on simple honest songwriting that's naked with emotion. no frills or gimicks, just good songs.

::: nat the hammer - the longest day
::: nat the hammer - do you like my band
::: nat the hammer - it's not surprising you can't see what's going, when your head is stuck so far up your own arse
::: nat the hammer - there is a light that never goes out
::: nat the hammer - the book


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