22 October 2008

various | autumn mix

it's suddenly got chilly here, which means i can finally shed the shorts and t-shirts and start layering up. right now i'm wrapped up in a thick jumper. i like winter clothes. they remind me of long walks in the country, gloves on and breath steaming; equally long waits at bus stops in the cold; warm pubs with warm bitter; dark monday mornings struggling into work. in my curent nostalgiac frame of mind, i miss all of these things equally.

this onset of autumn requires a mix to celebrate. some bands immediately lend themselves to this topic (i'm looking at you hood and epic45). but please allow me to indulge myself by including one of my former bands in here too.

::: yo la tengo - autumn sweater
::: hood - branches bare
::: bark psychosis - big shot
::: epic45 - a year without summer
::: explosions in the sky - first breath after coma (live)
::: malcolm middleton - autumn
::: yo la tengo - autumn sweater (tortoise remix)
::: flying saucer attack - come and close my eyes
::: rachel's - systems/layers
::: the reverse - emily
::: july skies - autumn fires
::: yo la tengo - autumn sweater (kevin shields remix)


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pinkpressthreat said...

I forgot to thank you fot this aeons ago..it's a great comp...cheers