05 October 2008

plush | three quarters blind eyes

i've just discovered that plush has released a new album. i say new, but it was actually released in japan in 2002. wh it's suddenly being released worldwide now, 6 years later, i couldn't say. and don't bother expecting his website to give you any answers - for instance have a look at his 'about' page.

haven't listened to the new album yet, but according to metacritic it's a winner so i'm excited.

meanwhile, here's his brilliant debut single in full, released in 1995 and one of only 4 releases to date.

don't fuck with mister zero.


The Gosub Routine said...

Hello Joe!

I used to buy yer fanzine and get stuff from the Kylie label too!

It's a shame there are not too many comments but, [oh well...].

Maybe stick a 'cbox' over on the right hand side, that might do the job.

By the way, i'm enjoying the blog.

So you're 33 eh? Same age as me [although Atlanta sounds rather more 'urgent' or involving than Canterbury].

Anyway, speak soon!


joe said...

Is that Barry at number 56?! It's been a while...

Glad someone out there is reading this! I'll add a link to your blog - looks good