08 October 2008

lift to experience | the texas-jerusalem crossroads

some bands make music that's totally immersive - press play and you have to listen, soak your head in it. lift to experience were like that. maybe it's the religion. maybe it's the headfucking sound. live they were an inspiration. and they did it just right: release one amazing album and then split the fuck up.

released by bella union in 2001.

lashings of ginger beer.


The Gosub Routine said...

Ghetto Speak:




...any use Joe, thought you might want 'em?

joe said...

Thanks barry - very thoughtful. Though I actually have these already. One thing I don't have though is the rough trade single. And I haven't got round to digitising my one Papa Sprain EP either. Don't have that do you? All my records are in storage right now...