28 October 2008

difference engine | breadmaker

i can't think of many american bands branded with the shoegazing tag that are particularly good. drop nineteens had their moments, as did the belltower, but that's about it. maybe it's the american accents - shoegazing was always supposed to be a home counties thing wasn't it?

however this album by difference engine, is pretty good, with a sound akin to kitchens of distinction or eight storey window.

released by caroline in 1993.

link removed by request - it's being re-released

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[RYAN] said...

I remember the first time I saw Difference Engine in Providence, RI in the mid 90's. They were opening for Chapterhouse at Club Babyhead. My friends and I had never heard of them, but we were mesmerized and bought the cd. I became obsessed with the baseline of "5 Listens". It's such a great song and I was lucky to see them live a bunch of times before they broke up.