31 July 2008

various | will our children thank us

occasionally a compilation comes along that is nothing less than genre-defining. foundry's "will our children thank us" is one of those. but what genre exactly? i guess you'd have to call it british post-rock perhaps. or new neu maybe. or something else entirely. or better still nothing at all.

1. throwing a curve ball - appliance
2. glenda - billy mahonie
3. carnival of souls [ghost train dub] - pram
4. fonk - electric sound of joy
5. close frank falling - wisdom of harry
6. peggy's well - novak
7. biggest lie - piano magic
8. eeriel - isan
9. not growing out of, growing into - rothko
10. moriko mori shoots - state river widening

released in 1999.

i'll have what she's having.

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