16 July 2008

desalvo | tonguescraper

i've been reading sebastian junger's a death in belmont, about the boston strangler, the builder albert desalvo who claimed to be the strangler, his relationship with the junger family (he helped build their studio), and the man wrongly imprisoned for one of the murders. i like sebastian's writing and this is a great read, but more importantly it reminds me of the scottish band desalvo, one of the most powerful live bands i've ever seen.

desalvo are led by p6, former frontman of the legendary stretchheads and all-round nice guy who turns into a blood curdling behemoth onstage, decked out in hockey mask (think silence of the lambs) and butcher's apron. he's backed by musicians of astonishing pedigree who churn out monstrous riffs that could quite possibly turn your bowels into liquid. watching them reminded me of what still stands as one of the best gigs i've ever seen, which was the god machine at moles club in bath, one of those gigs that leaves you trembling with excitement and awe.

desalvo haven't released much, but here's an ep from a while back.

scratch out my eyes with your tongue.

photo nicked from tommy hawkins.

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