19 May 2006

sonic youth | eyeliner

rumour has it the new sonic youth album is a return to form, that form being squalling guitar noise oozing with both art cool and youthful energy.

i've been a sonic youth fan ever since i first heard "evol", whenever that was. but lately i've been a long-suffering fan. in a word, their last few albums have been rubbish - for the most part instantly forgettable indulgent rock bores. and then there was that performance at all tomorrow's parties - the one where they basically played just one song for several days and the room was littered with grown men crying, their dreams of indie rock herodom in pieces about their feet.

so i've been considering turning in my membership card, hanging up my dirty boots, and listening to the birds in the sky and the cars on the road, or something.

but this week they released a 7" single featuring the last two songs recorded at the murray street studio. and i love it. both songs are kind of pointless and rambling but in a really good way, like the band remembered that playing music can and should be fun and that songs should be played loud in teenager's bedrooms, not hung up on the walls of the guggenheim.

the album's currently streaming at their website but so far i haven't got round to listening. i'll wait for the "real world" experience on 13 june.

sonic youth - eyeliner

p.s. er hello by the way, this my first post. gosh.


Damn Spy Novels said...

The album ain't bad...

(btw your URL for burning world is wrong)

mp3hugger said...

yep the new album is a belter - with lots of real songs too!! good to see them aging gracefully...

the blackened air said...

yeah I finally got it last week - really great!